Shared Ride Program

Overview & Schedule

Shared Ride Program Overview
Printable Shared Ride Brochure

General Information
TACT's Shared Ride service is open to all citizens in Armstrong County. Shared Ride is advance reservation, door-to-door service for the general public, senior citizens 65 years and older, and Persons with Disabilities ages 18-64.

Shared Ride services operate Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 5 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. TACT does not operate service on Sundays and holidays.

General Public
All residents of Armstrong County can ride TACT's Shared Ride service by calling TACT and reserving a trip. However, general public riders are required to pay the full fare and do not have access to special programs to offset the cost of the trip. For more information about how to ride TACT's Share Ride service and the cost of your trip, please call our office at 724-548-8696 or 1-800-245-8588. TACT's representatives will be happy to provide you with information about our Shared Ride Program and other TACT services.

Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens 65 years and older can ride TACT's Shared Ride services at a discounted rate. The Pennsylvania Lottery provides funding for 85 percent of the cost of senior citizens' shared ride fares with valid proof of age. Acceptable proof of age documents include: Armed Forces discharge papers with separation date; Baptismal certificate; birth certificate; passport/naturalization papers; PA identification card; resident alien card; PACE id card; photo motor vehicle operator's license; statement of age from Social Security Administration. Additionally, Armstrong County's Area Agency on Aging also pays for part of the fare for senior citizens that use TACT's Shared Ride to go to the area's senior centers and shopping trips. To learn more about how you can ride TACT's Shared Ride service and the cost of your trip, please call us at 724-548-8696 or 1-800-245-8588.

Persons with Disabilities (PwD)
Persons with Disabilities, ages 18-64, can also ride TACT's PwD Shared Ride service by applying for eligibility and registering for our program. Persons with Disabilities that are eligible will ride at a reduced rate with the State paying for 85 percent of your fare. For more information about how to apply for TACT's PwD Shared Ride program and how to ride, and to learn more about our Shared Ride fares please call TACT at 724-548-8696 or 1-800-245-8588.

Passenger restraints
Passengers who utilize the Shared Ride program are required to use the seat belts located on the seats. If the passenger is under the age of 18, then they are to be restrained as required by law. This includes child safety seats, car seats, and booster seats. Once the child outgrows them, then they must have the seatbelts on.

Reasonable Modification Practices
Town and Country Transit (TACT) will implement and follow the practices pertaining to reasonable modification of policies and procedures with respect to transportation-related requests from persons with disabilities. Federal regulations require transit agencies to make reasonable modifications to policies, practices and procedures to avoid discrimination and ensure that their programs are accessible to persons with disabilities. The complete policy is available here .

Passenger Escort Policy
Town and Country Transit (TACT) has a written passenger escort policy to provide clarification as to when an escort is required. The complete policy is available here .

Alternate Pick-Up Location Policies
Town and Country Transit (TACT) will implement and follow the practices pertaining to customer pick-up and drop off when accessing a customer’s home or trip destination is not possible due to safety concerns. To promote the safety of its customers and employees, TACT has adopted the procedures for alternate pick-up and drop off locations for customers. The complete policy is available here .

TACT's Shared Ride fares are based on the distance of your trip. For example, a trip in Armstrong County that is 0 to 4.9 miles costs $15.00. However, senior citizen riders and Persons with Disabilities only have to pay 15 percent of that cost or $2.50. To learn more about TACT's Shared Ride fares and the cost of your trip please call TACT's representatives at 724-548-8696 or 1-800-245-8588.

Days and Times of Shared-Ride Operation

Effective July 1, 2022
Click Here for a downloadable/printable .pdf copy of this schedule.

Service Area Day/Days Destinations
*All Stops are on an as needed basis
Drop Off or Appointment Times Return Trips
Apollo / Freeport / Leechburg / Vandergrift Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday *To Kittanning Area 9:15am
Apollo / Freeport / Leechburg / Vandergrift Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday * Brackenridge
* Tarentum
* Natrona Heights
* Lower Burrell
* New Kensington
* Sarver (Exit to Buffalo Plaza)
Avonmore / Spring Church Monday, Wednesday and Friday * Natrona Heights 10:00am
Kittanning / Ford City / Worthington Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday * Apollo
* Leechburg
* North Vandergrift
* Ford City
* Kittanning
8:30am - 2:30pm
Appointment Times
Returns as schedule permits
Kittanning / Ford City Tuesday & Thursday * Brackenridge
* Tarentum
* Natrona Heights
* Lower Burrell
* New Kensington
* Freeport
* Sarver (Exit to Buffalo Plaza)
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday * Elderton 8:30am 11:00am
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday * East Brady
* Cowansville
11:00am 1:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday * Rural Valley
* Dayton
Butler City Area Wednesday * Kittanning
* Morgan Medical Center
* Butler Doctors Office
* Butler Commons
* Butler VA (both campuses)
* Butler Hospital
* Technology Drive
8:30am 1:00pm
Dayton / Rural Valley / NuMine / Yatesboro / Sagamore Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday * Kittanning
* Ford City
East Brady / Chicora / Parker Wednesday * To Butler Area Only 9:45am 11:45am
East Brady / Chicora / Cowansville / Mechling Shakley Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday * To Kittanning Area 9:15am 10:30am
East Brady Area Monday Only * To East Brady Senior Center Only 10:30am 12:45pm
Elderton / Creekside / Shelocta Monday, Wednesday and Thursday * To Kittanning Area 9:15am 11:00am
Distant / New Bethlehem Thursday * To Kittanning / Ford City Area 10:30am 12:00pm
Pittsburgh Medical

Limited Medical Corridor
(Please Call for Information)
Tuesday and Thursday * Health South (Harmer)
* St Margaret's
* West Penn Hospital
* Allegheny General
* Eye and Ear
* Aspinwall / Oakland VA
* UPMC - Mercy, Shadyside, Presbyterian, Magee Women's Hospital, Montifiore
9:30am 1:00pm

No procedures scheduled after 10:00am

No appointments scheduled after 12:00pm
Templeton Monday, Wednesday and Friday * To Kittanning Area 10:00am As schedule permits.
Return trips no later than 1:30pm.
No trips are provided to the Monroeville, Clarion or Indiana areas.
No Appointments Scheduled after 2:15pm. No Returns after 3:00pm.
Pickups may be scheduled before 7:30am at TACT's discretion based on trip demand.
Passengers MUST have exact change: Drivers do not carry change.
All areas not specifically defined on this schedule are subject to schedule availability. Please call the TACT office at 724.548.8696 with any questions. Thank you!


Reservation Procedure

You can make your appointment up to two(2) weeks in advance by callingT ACT offices at 724.548.8696 or 800.245.8588.

Trips must be scheduled no later than 11:00a.m. the business day prior. If your appointment is on a Monday, the reservation must be made the Friday before by 11:00a.m. Those who qualify for the CP program have until 3:45p.m. the day before to schedule a trip.

When calling, make sure you have your name, address of pickup and drop off, the date and time of your trip, if you will have an escort with you, and if you use a mobility device, like a walker, wheelchair, or scooter.

The day before your trip, you will be called with a half hour time frame for your pickup. Please be ready for the earliest time. There may be others on the vehicle or to be picked up, and drivers are only permitted to wait five(5) minutes before moving on to next stop.

Cancellation/No Show

Cancellation/No-Show Policy

Town and Country customers who wish to cancel a scheduled trip must notify TACT at least two hours in advance of their pick-up time to cancel their trip. Any cancellation not complying with the two-hour policy will be considered a no-show.

To cancel a trip, please call TACT's office at 724-548-8696 or 1-800-245-8588. Representatives are in the office and available to take your call from 8 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you are calling after hours or on weekends or holidays to cancel a trip, please leave a message on TACT's voicemail with your name, phone number and the date and time of the trip you need to cancel.

Customers who schedule trips and cancel scheduled trips frequently, are subject to the policy provisions listed below:

Following One Month of 50% or Greater Cancellation Rate: The customer will receive a written letter explaining that they have reached the threshold of 50% cancellation rate, which will cause additional costs to TACT, and places them on a probationary status for a one-month period.

One-Month Probationary Area Period: The customer will be required to pay full fare of each third cancelled trip. A "full fare" trip may cost the customer $15 to $50 per trip, depending on the distance of the cancelled trip. (Trip cost is subject to change if PennDOT approves a change to TACT's fare structure.) Customers who are required to pay full fare for a cancelled trip will not be eligible for TACT service until all monies owed have been paid.

Following One Month of Cancellations Less than 50%: The customer will no longer be required to pay the full rate for any cancellation that is made and probationary status will be discontinued.

Recurrence: If customer cancellations at the rate of 50% or greater resume within one year following removal of probationary status, the customer will be placed on probationary status again, will be required to pay the full fare cost for each cancelled trip, and will not be eligible for TACT service until all monies have been paid. The cost for cancellations will resume for a passenger any time cancellations rates are 50% or greater.

Drivers are not permitted to accept information regarding cancellations. You must call TACT to cancel your trip reservation.

No-Show Policy
A no-show occurs when a customer does not cancel his or her trip at least two hours in advance, cancels at the door or does not show up for their ride. TACT's No-Show Policy consists of a progressive process before a customer is required to pay the full-fare for the cost of the trip. The progressive process is identified below.

  • 1st Offense: The customer will receive a written warning, which will include a copy of TACT's cancellation and no-show policy. A copy of the letter will be placed in the customer's file.
  • 2nd Offense: The customer will receive a written notification and charged full-fare for the cost of the no-show trip. The customer will not be permitted to resume riding until the charge is paid in-full. Any future no-shows after the second offense will result in additional full-fare charges to the customer for all subsequent no-shows within a one-year period.

No-shows and late cancellations create significant problems for TACT and our customers. These types of infractions cost TACT a lot of money that cannot be recovered from PennDOT. Additionally, no-shows and cancellations inconvenience other customers that rely on TACT for rides to jobs, school, shopping and medical appointments.

Therefore cancellations should be made as soon as you become aware of the fact that you will not need the service.

Effective May 18, 2011, Revision Effective June 1, 2016.
Click Here for a downloadable/printable .pdf copy of the Cancellation/No-Show Policy.

Appeal Process
TACT's customers have a right to appeal any no-show decision. To appeal, please call TACT's office at 724-548-8696 or 1-800-245-8588 to obtain an appeal form. Complete the form and submit it to TACT's office. Forms can be submitted by mail to TACT, 220 North Grant Avenue, Kittanning, PA 16201, by fax to 724-545-3356 or by email to TACT representatives will review the appeal and make a decision, which will be issued in writing to the customer. Customers will be permitted to use TACT's service while their appeal is being considered.

Appeals must be made in a timely manner. Therefore, appeals must be made within 14 days of the date on the no-show letter sent by TACT. Otherwise appeals will not be considered.


Complaint Procedures

Our Complaint Policy is currently being updated. Please check back at a later date. Thank you.

Fares Co-Pays

Fares and Customer Co-Pays

Click Here to download a PDF Icon.pdf version of this fare schedule.
  Zone Miles Fares State Pays Pwd & Non-Sponsored
(15% Co-Pay)
(10% Co-Pay)
Center & Medical
(5% Co-Pay)
Passenger Fares Zone 1 0-4.9 $19.00 $16.15 $2.85 $1.90 $0.95
  Zone 2 5-9.9 $21.00 $17.85 $3.15 $2.10 $1.05
  Zone 3 10-14.9 $24.00 $20.40 $3.60 $2.40 $1.20
  Zone 4 15-19.9 $30.00 $25.50 $4.50 $3.00 $1.50
  Zone 5 20-24.9 $36.00 $30.60 $5.40 $3.60 $1.80
  Zone 6 25-29.9 $42.00 $35.70 $6.30 $4.20 $2.10
  Zone 7 30-34.9 $47.00 $39.95 $7.05 $4.70 $2.35
  Zone 8 35 + $50.00 $42.50 $7.50 $5.00 $2.50
         AAA Pays
(if sponsored)
PwD & Non-Sponsored   Center & Medical
(5% Co-Pay)
Escort Fares All 0-40+ $4.00 $3.40 $4.00   $0.20
  All Zones Flat Fare  
Complimentary Paratransit (ADA)   $2.50  
Customers are responsible for paying the co-pay (the shaded column).

PennDOT Find My Ride Apply

Find My Ride Apply allows you to apply directly to transportation providers across Pennsylvania that offer affordable transportation service for seniors, persons with disabilities, and people who need assistance to get to medical appointments.

Use this link, to see what Shared Ride programs you qualify for through Town and Country Transit and to receive your free Senior Citizen Fixed Route pass.

  • If you are over 65, please have your ID with you when you apply for age verification.
  • If you are under 65 and are applying for the Persons with Disabilities (PwD) program, you will need additional verification from a medical professional that is familiar with your disability.

Please call the TACT offices at 724-548-8696 if you have any questions or need assistance.