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Cart, Stroller, Carry-on Policy

In an effort to ensure the safety of its passengers, TACT has adopted the following rules regarding carts, strollers and carry-on packages for all its fixed-route and shared-ride vehicles:

  • Carts, stroller, walkers or carry-on items are not permitted to block the aisles or doors.
  • Riders are limited to four small carry-on items that must fit on a lap or under the seat.
  • Carts, strollers, and carry-ons must be loaded in a single trip.
  • No items that are wet, leaking or considered hazardous are permitted.
  • No large bags, boxes, recycled cans or other materials will be allowed.
  • Carts, strollers, walkers and carry-ons must be attended and stowed safely at all times.
  • All passengers with strollers must remove the child, collapse the stroller and stay seated with the child in their lap at all times.
  • Passengers will assume full responsibility for the safety of their child.
  • Carts and strollers with packages must be safely secured.
  • The number of wheelchairs, carts and/or strollers requiring securement cannot exceed the maximum number of tie down positions available.
  • TACT assumes no responsibility for items left on its vehicles. As soon as a passenger realizes an item may be missing, please call the office to check the Lost and Found at 724-548-8696.

TACT vehicles will not move if the bus operator feels that the cart, stroller or carry-on is compromising the safety of the passengers. The operator has the right to request a passenger adhere to any of the rules listed above.

Unwillingness to follow the above listed rules of the Cart, Stroller Carry-on Policy may result in suspension of riding privileges on Town and Country Transit Vehicles.

Click Here for a downloadable/printable .pdf copy of the Cart, Stroller Carry-on Policy.

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